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Joubeta profile picture Joubeta   
Hi ! I'm Juliette from France. I come in may in Budapest with friends. Someone could tell me all greats things we can making ?
Contact me !
Thank you !
    January 2014
  • Eszter5 profile picture Eszter5   
    Hi, Drop me a mail to Eszter5Eszter5 profile picture and I will advice you a couple of things to do. Great choice
      April 2014
enii12 profile picture enii12   
Merry Christmas )
    December 2013
kevdean profile picture kevdean   
Hello everyone...(y)
    October 2013
Bluesea1 profile picture Bluesea1   
    August 2013
  • Kalev profile picture Kalev   
      September 2013
tigrou123 profile picture tigrou123   
Jonapot kivanok,
Jeremy es Francia vagyok.
Szombaton megyek Budapesten.
Talan Talaközunk a Barban?

OK?I'm writing in English now because it's more easy.If you want i m very happy to meet someone for exchange in Magyar,English or Frecnh.
Perhap's , I will making a meeting in a Bar the next week.

Szia, Jeremy
    May 2013
Timea_K profile picture Timea_K   
Hi everyone!
    January 2013