How to take very cheap language classes in Paris

Language courses all year long every day for less than 55 euros it's possible thanks to Association Philotechnique.
The Association Philotechnique provides language classes every day of the week at a very low price.
Located in the fifth district of Paris the association allows you to follow 5 language classes for 55 euros every day of the week. According to your income, scholarships can be offered allowing an almost free access. English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese or Polish and Russian lessons are rich and varied.

Language courses for all

Learn, brush up your level, upgrade, prepare a competition, improve: these language courses now serve a wide group of people. Each language course has multiple levels and formulas allowing everyone to find his place.
Some courses focus on training in speaking, others on learning of grammar, others on reading comprehension. The use of media such as press, slide, video allows to immerse students in each language. Regular exercises, to be made between each course enables students to train and improve at their own pace.

Course locations

Classes are held at the headquarters of the association but also in high schools and universities around Paris. Day or night, it is almost certain you will find a course close to your place. Rooms and schedules are specially equipped. The classes are given by volunteer teachers coming from both the private and public sector. You will just need to come on time and to show your membership card at the entrance.

How to register?

From June 15 to June 28 and from September 3 to 27. An internet booking is possible and highly recommended for language courses. This is to to guarantee yourself a place and avoid waiting lines the day of registration. To register simply go with an ID and a recent photo from Monday to Friday during opening hours (from 01:30 pm to 06:30 pm). If you are not available during these hours, you can mandate a person of your choice to register for you.
Attend language courses in Paris at a cheap price is very possible with the "philotechnique association". Through the diversity of its offer and the quality of its teaching, the association allow you to improve your language skills.

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