Île-de-France - Polyglot-Síť

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Anabella537 profile picture Anabella537April 2019
Hello everyone! I am Russian and have been living in the USA for some time . So I would be happy to find someone to practise my French in exchange for Russian or English. Bye!:^)
Zan-mar92 profile picture Zan-mar92April 2014
Hi, I'm from London and I need to practice French. In exchange I can teach you English.
  • killamaru profile picture killamaruNovember 2018
    I am interested on your announce. Let me know if you are interested to exchange language. Thank you.
  • muhammad_r profile picture muhammad_rDecember 2016
    can you teach me, i think my english language need some one to teach me, how i can be easy and got lot of vocab and right conversation
  • June7559 profile picture June7559June 2016
    Hello je suis française et j'ai besoin d'aide en anglais. On peut discuter ensemble si tu le souhaites