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vincent profile picture vincentNovember 2022
Dear Polyglot members,

GOOD NEWS, following numerous requests, we have listened to you. 🤗

Our association has decided to move to a new venue, every THURSDAY, from November 10th.

It’s a more central and friendly place where everyone can move freely to talk with different people during the whole evening and practice their favorite languages.

...and HAPPY HOUR! 🍻


Poucette1953 profile picture Poucette1953June 2022
Hello, I would like to improve my English, preferably with people living in Paris, for face-to-face discussions. Thanks
vincent profile picture vincentApril 2022
Dear polyglots in Paris area,

If you want to practice ENGLISH (written or spoken) for free, join the official Discord server ”Polyglot Club Paris”. This server is specially dedicated to members of the Paris region and Ile de France. Once in the main lobby, join the ENGLISH room (text or voice chat).

Connect to Chat Server:

Best, The Polyglot Club Paris team
vincent profile picture vincentDecember 2021
POLYGLOT CLUB PARIS is organizing a Christmas party for all those who are far from home or cannot spend Christmas with their family.
Join us TONIGHT on December 24 from 8:00 p.m.
We will be happy to welcome you for a great time. Share languages, smiles, love, happiness, and whatever else you want ...

And in the role of ”Papa Santa”, your host: Brice

Price: The entrance fee is 5 € (includes Christmas hat .. only 50 pieces, first come, first served)
You have to buy an extra drink to support the bar that welcomes us (no extra charge for drinks).
10 p.m .:
We are going to play a COOL Christmas GAME. To participate, please bring a small gift and wrap it up.
Upon arrival, you will receive a tag with your name and the languages spoken so that you can more easily establish contact with other participants.
If you want to participate in our game, thank you for giving your gift to our host, Brice, who will keep it preciously and give you a ticket in exchange that you must not lose !!
We are expecting many of you! See you there everyone!
To participate, you must register HERE:
vincent profile picture vincentNovember 2021
Bring your own Board games This Saturday! (discover new international games)
Hello Polyglots!

Polyglot Club is trying to set up regular events centered on board games, on Saturday afternoon from 3 p.m.

It starts this Saturday and we hope to be able to offer it regularly.

Then, as usual, there will be the international evening from 8 p.m.

If you have games on your side and, even better, games from other countries, atypical, do not hesitate to bring them to show them! 😎🤞

RSVP here :

Polyglotely yours,

The Polyglot Club Paris Team
vincent profile picture vincentNovember 2021
नमस्ते, নমস্কার৷, नमस्कार, నమస్కారము, வணக்கம், السلام علیکم, નમસ્તે, ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ, നമസ്കാരം, ନମସ୍କର, ਸਤਿ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ, নমস্কাৰ
Every Monday in PARIS
Practice Hindi, Indian languages, English and French with participants from all over the world! ✨🤗😍
NathalieN profile picture NathalieNNovember 2021
Bonjour, est-ce qu’il y a bien un apéro Polyglot à Paris ce soir?
fredermos profile picture fredermosNovember 2020


J'aimerais débuter en langue islandaise norvegienne ou suédoise. En virtuel pendant le confinement. Merci à tous vous êtes super! :) smiley


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