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YoBlackBlack profile picture YoBlackBlackMarch 2013

Hello everyone,  = Hola a todos,

          Good morning everyone. = Buenos dias a todos.

My name is Black. = Mi nombre es Negro.

I am from the USA. I only know a little Spanish.

My native language is American-English. =  Mi lengua nativa es el Americano-Ingles.

Nice to meet you everyone. = Mucho gusto encantado todos.

This is my first comment on the PolyglotClub.Com Web site.

I like and love your group picture within the PolyglotClub Home Page.

I think that the people are very colorful and beautiful, and natural.

I am hoping to befriend everyone within the picture as an acquistion language exchange skills associate.

I am seeking a study session lesson schedule daily of 50 minutes around everyones very busy daily life style. 

Please assist and help me to study, review, practice, learn, retain, and master the grammar categories and acquistion language skills within the Spanish language. 

Keep it real. Keep one foot forward. Keep up the good work.

Have a nice day. Take care. Talk to you later on. Thank you very much. = Muchas gracias.

Goodbye. = Adios. Peacefully Respectfully, Per. Mr. Black.






grace_ecuad profile picture grace_ecuadApril 2010

Polyglot members In San Marino Shopping

16 th april 2010