Let's help Sichuan, all Polygloters

                                                                                                                                              Join Party Here!!


  There's only one reason that you should come to the party:

                                                      Help  people in Sichuan  !!!!

  70RMB of    the 120RMB you pay will be donated to Red Cross to help them   

  And we will record some videos in the party which we will put in Youtube, so that more people all over the world can know about this disaster, so they can try to give some help also.

So please take some time to think about what you gonna say in the video, Thank you!

You can register to this party by sending mail or text message

(with your name and contact info):

  Sean    15900598120  sean_wengo at hotmail.com

  Eddy    13918009693    eddy1985324 at hotmail.com

The address is:

  香 山 路 9号 ( 近 思 南 路 ) 酒 贝 坊     (陕 西 南 路 站 )

  No.9 Xiang Shan Road (near Si Nan Road)

  the nearest metro station is South Shanxi Road 



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vincent profile picture vincent   
See you on Skype this friday at 17:45 french time,


    May 2008
wuying508 profile picture wuying508   

Good to see the number is still increasing.

Guys, just come and make your support to Sichuan

    May 2008
vincent profile picture vincent   
Dear Shanghai team,

i've sent a mailing to Shanghai members

thanks for this proposal,

all the best,

    May 2008
Eddy99 profile picture Eddy99   

yeah,we need u,people!

Polyglot can't be glittering without all of u!

    May 2008
wuying508 profile picture wuying508   
So, Where the bloody hell are you? Come to join us !
    May 2008
pat profile picture pat   
Hey Sean and Eddy! Enjoy the wine and dine, wish I were there to share =) A group mailing has been sent to all the Polyglot members living in the greater Shanghai area. Have fun!
    May 2008
wuying508 profile picture wuying508   
Good to have u back,
    May 2008
Eddy99 profile picture Eddy99   


Eddy is coming'````hahahah

    May 2008