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  • Mariam78 profile picture Mariam78February 2013
    Hello Serena! I'm french so I can help with french. And I would like to improve my italian!
  • Aida-Ab82 profile picture Aida-Ab82February 2013
    hi i am know english well and i know french too i am studing italian do you like to be my friend?
mary1205 profile picture mary1205December 2012
Hi! I'm a new one)) I want to talk with somebody in english or in Russian. I want to find more friends. Just feel free to send me a message
gabofve profile picture gabofveJune 2012
Hi my name is Gabriel, I'm new in Perth and I want to improve my english, Do you want I help you with your spanish?
dim-dim profile picture dim-dimAugust 2012


Hello, I can help you with English and Russian ( I'm a native Russian speaker). Besides, I suggest culture exchange. You can find me here

Or just send me a message!

Declamation profile picture DeclamationSeptember 2012
I speak english fluently. Keen to practice my spanish (conversational level), and keen to learn german (beginner level, but I know a bit). Any help would be appreciated, and willing to help out with either spanish or english.