Zimbabwe - רשת פוליגלוט

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ברוך הבא לרשת Zimbabwe של Polyglot!

Zimbabwe is the place to be. Our main local languages are Shona (pronounced  "Shown-ah") and Ndebele. English is the official language. Polyglot is quite a beautiful platform for language exchanges and translations. Our Network in Zimbabwe would not be difficult to expand because of the frequency at which local people are travelling abroad and interacting with foreignors- an indication of the need fo r language exchanges..............

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Jakobh profile picture Jakobh   
Hi. I can help you if you would like to learn Shona. Let's get in touch.
    January 2014
xtiana profile picture xtiana   
can someone pls tell me wat this means in english - kokunyarara ke mai mwana
    September 2008
  • Jakobh profile picture Jakobh   
    I have given you the meaning, not a word for word translation.
      August 2013
  • Jakobh profile picture Jakobh   
    It's sort of a remark or a rhetorical question. The person is asking or remarking: "Why are you shy, come on." Then he adds: "mai mwana" which literary means "mother of the child", just an affectionate and familiar term to refer to a woman. You would use it with someone you are well acquainted with or your wife.
      August 2013
aero5space profile picture aero5space   



Anyone who wants to be a polyglot regional manager????? Please get in touch coz we need to arrange for regional language exchange meetings.


    November 2009
aero5space profile picture aero5space   

Hie everyone on the Zimbabwe Network. Let me know if u r interested in arranging meetings in your areas or what u think about them.

    October 2009
Angel35 profile picture Angel35   

Hi! all can some one help me to learn shona

I like the language

I have a friend that speak shona

and I would like to suprise him

by speaking it also

so can some help me please!

I need your help please!

    June 2009
cocodip_strawberry profile picture cocodip_strawberry   
can someone please teach me the basics in shona...i wanna suprise my friend by saying something nice to him i his own language
    March 2008
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