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Past Tense in Swedish
Past Tense in Swedish

Hello everybody,

In today's lesson you will learn some useful vocabulary about ¨PAST TENSE¨ in Swedish

Feel free to edit this page by adding new words and expressions !

Happy learning ! :)

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Past Tense in Swedish[edit | edit source]





I loved Jag älskade yoh ehls keh duh Eu amava
You loved Du älskade dou skoh ehls keh duh Você amava
He loved Han älskade hahn skoh ehls keh duh Ele amava
We loved Vi älskade vih skoh ehls keh duh Nós amávamos
You loved Ni älskade nih skoh ehls keh duh Vocês amavam
They loved De älskade dohn skoh ehls keh duh Eles amavam
I spoke Jag talade yoh toh luh duh Eu falava
You spoke Du talade dou toh luh duh Você falava
He spoke Han talade hahn toh luh duh Ele falava
We spoke Vi talade vih toh luh duh Nós falávamos
You spoke Ni talade nih toh luh duh Vocês falavam
They spoke De talade dohn toh luh duh Eles falavam
I slept Jag sov yoh soh uh Eu dormia
You slept Du sov dou soh uh Você dormia
He slept Han sov hahn soh uh Ele dormia
We slept Vi sov vih soh uh Nós dormíamos
You slept Ni sov nih soh uh Vocês dormiam
They slept De sov dohn soh uh Eles dormiam
I opened Jag öppnade yoh erp nuh duh Eu abria
You opened Du öppnade dou erp nuh duh Você abria
He opened Han öppnade hahn erp nuh duh Ele abria
We opened Vi öppnade vih erp nuh duh Nós abríamos
You opened Ni öppnade nih erp nuh duh Vocês abriam
They opened De öppnade dohn erp nuh duh Eles abriam

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