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INDEFINITE FORM[edit | edit source]

In Swedish we have two words to choose between when we want to write about nouns in indefinite form: En or Ett.

For example:

  • Ett bord = A table
  • En hund = A dog
  • Ett äpple = An apple
  • En skola = A school

COMMON MISTAKE[edit | edit source]

  • En (Swedish article) = An (English article)
  • Ett (Swedish article) = A (English article)

This is not true. There is no grammatical rule to know when to use En or Ett, you just simply have to learn them.

DEFINITE FORM[edit | edit source]

When we want a noun to be in definite form we add a suffix to the noun; -en, -n or -et.

For example:

  • Ett bord = Bordet
  • En hund = Hunden
  • Ett äpple = Äpplet
  • En skola = Skolan
Here we just add -n since the word already ends with a vowel.

As you might have noticed, you can know which suffix to use by looking at the indefinite article.

  • If it's an "En-word", the suffix is -en or -n.
  • If it's an "Ett-word", the suffix is -et.

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