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Bonjour à toutes et à tous, Hello French learners!

In today's lesson, you will learn some French vocabulary : Les arts martiaux (martial arts).

Those words are easy to learn as many of them are the same in French and in English.

Feel free to add new words or expressions!

Good learning!

General Vocabulary

French English
les arts martiaux martial arts
les sports de combat  combat sports
le karaté  karate
le judo  judo
le kung-fu  kung fu
la boxe thaïlandaise  kickboxing
l’aïkido  aikido
la lutte  wrestling
la boxe  boxing
la ceinture  belt
le gant  glove
l’adversaire  opponent
le coup de poing  punch
le coup  strike
le coud de pied  kick
le saut  jump
la chute  fall
la prise  hold
la protection throw
les gants de boxe  boxing gloves
le poing  fist


Technical Vocabulary on Karate (in French):



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