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If you want to order your favorite beverage at a bar or "Café", you need to be able to say it in French. Here's a list of the most common drinks. À votre santé !

Learn to read, understand and say the main kinds of beverages in French:

French Drinks Vocabulary

  • la bière Beer
  • la limonade = lemonade
  • la tisane = herbal tea
  • le café = coffee
  • le champagne Champagne
  • le jus d'ananas = pineapple juice
  • le jus de fruit = fruit juice
  • le jus de pomme = apple juice
  • le jus de tomate = tomato juice
  • le jus d'orange = orange juice
  • le lait = milk
  • le lait Milk:
  • le thé = tea
  • le vin blanc White Wine
  • le vin rouge Red Wine
  • le vin Wine
  • l'eau du robinet = tap water
  • l'eau gazeuse = sparkling / mineral water

Ways to say "Cheers" in French

À la votre !

  • Literally: To yours (your health)!
  • Formal or to several people

You use this expression formal or to several people

À la tienne !

  • Literally: To yours (your health)!
  • Informal or to one person


  • Literally: Health!

Tchin tchin !

It imitates the sound of glasses clinking when people toast.



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