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Why learn Japanese? Here are 5 reasons to start learning it. :)

Culture[edit | edit source]

Learning Japanese will allow you to better discover Japan and understand the Japanese culture. Japan hosts millions of tourists each year (in 2014, more than 13 million visitors), Japan has a fascinating culture:

  • respect for the other and its elder,
  • the politeness of Japanese in gestures and language,
  • Impeccable service,
  • ancestral arts such as tea ceremony (茶道), Japanese martial arts (Karate 空手, Kendo 剣道, Iaido 居合道, Aikido 合気道, Kyudo 弓道 ...).
  • beautiful scenery in Japan: temples, statues of deities, cherry blossoms, Japanese maple, hot springs (onsen 温泉), and many national heritages such as Mount Fuji (富士山), the village of Shirakawa-go (白川郷).

Travel[edit | edit source]

Your trip will be more enjoyable and you will certainly gain time and make interesting encounters.

Beautiful writing[edit | edit source]

If you like the art of Japanese writing, you should learn Japanese. Although the Kanjis come directly from their Chinese counterpart, one can not deny that Japanese calligraphy (書道) also has a lot of charm.

Not so difficult[edit | edit source]

Once you decide to adopt a Japanese way of thinking, you will find that some grammatical and orthographic structures are much simpler in Japanese than in other languages.

Here are some non-exhaustive examples that can prove it:

  • There are no masculine or feminine forms of words
  • There is no plural form of words
  • There is no article between the words
  • The verbs are simply conjugated: there is no conjugation for each person.

Make friends[edit | edit source]

Learning Japanese is a considerable asset that will allow you to have better conversations and have more contacts.

What about you, do you find other reasons, please edit this article or write a comment below :)


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