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🤗 Hopi Greetings for Everyday Life

Hi Hopi learners! 😃

Hopi is a language spoken in the United States, in Northeastern Arizona. It is still very alive even though its use is declining.

Greetings are an important part of any language because they allow you to connect and communicate with others.

If you’re planning a trip to Northeastern Arizona or are trying to learn Hopi, keep reading to discover some of the most important greetings.

Let’s get started! 🤗

Greetings[edit | edit source]

English Hopi
general greeting Lolma
general greeting Lolamai
literally, "are you around?" Is uni, um waynuma?
literally, "are you around?" Um waynuma?
reply to Um waynuma Owí, nu' waynuma
literally, "you have arrived?" Yaw, um pitu?
literally, "you have arrived?" Um pitu?
reply to Um pitu Owí, nu' pitu
reply to Um pitu Owí
how are you? Um hinhinta?
reply to Um hinhinta Pi nu' qahinta

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