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Hello Everyone,

Today, I'm going to talk About the Plural in the Arabic Language ...

Well, in Arabic Every noun more than three things or Persons called Plural (Jam'a) and this Jam'a can be by Adding something to the word.

  • For Example :

World (A'lam) (عالم) If we want to make it Plural we should Add letters to It and these letters are Either (ون) Or (ين) so here is how it becomes

(عالمون) and (عالمين) both of this means (Worlds )

but we use each one in different places

we also make Plural by changing the letters of the Word itself like ( man ) (رجل )we make it plural by changing the Letters of the Word Itself (men ) (رجال)

another Example is (pencil) (قلم) the Plural is (Pencils) (أقلام)

So the First type {by adding special letters (ون) Or (ين) } called  : Jam'a Mozakkar Salim

the second type { the one that we change the Letters of the Word itself } called  : Jam'a Takseer

you should know that Jam'a Mozakkar Salim is for male nouns or any thing we can Consider as male .... as in First Example (World) in Arabic we can Consider it As Male

so for now we have Jam'a Mozakkar Salim and Jam'a Takseer

the third Type is Jam'a MoAnnas Salim and it is :

every noun more than three things or Persons called Plural and this noun must be 'Female noun or anything we can consider it as female'

we make the Plural Of this name by Adding (ات) to the End of the noun itself

  • For Example :

the name (Fatima) (فاطمة) the plural is (فاطمات)

(Nurse) (ممرضة) the plural is (ممرضات)

Well, this was just an introduction other lessons ... I'll write it soon with more Examples

I hope this was Helpful.


Vincent and Makman123

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