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Alphabet and Pronunciation in Algerian Arabic
Alphabet and Pronunciation in Algerian Arabic

Hello everybody,

In today's lesson you will learn how to use the ¨ALPHABET AND PRONUNCIATION¨ in Algerian Arabic

Feel free to edit this page by adding new words and expressions !

Happy learning ! :)

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Alphabet and Pronunciation in Algerian Arabic[edit | edit source]


in Algerian Arabic


English speakers


Portuguese speakers

ا ah a
ب b b
ت t t
تش tsh tch
ث th th (Inglês)
ج zh j
ح h h (Inglês)
خ kh h (Inglês)
د d d
ذ dh d (leve)
ر r r
ز z z
س s s
ش sh ch
ص S (stronger) S (forte)
ض D (stronger) D (forte)
ط T (stronger) T (forte)
ظ Z (stronger) Z (forte)
ع aA aA
غ gh h (Inglês)
ف f f
ق Q (stronger and

inside the throat)

Q (forte e

dentro da garganta)

ڤ v v
ك k k
ل l l
لا laa laa
م m m
ن n n
ه h h (Inglês)
و wa
ي ee ii

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