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Hello! How are you? I'm fine and in best mood also in fine fettle with those people whom I met here in Polyglot. I'll be glad if we begin our friendship here.

Yes there are too many chat sites on net, but polyglot chat is the best ones.My aim is to improve my english, to learn swedih, cHzech. I will be glad to make friendship with you.Also you may rely on me if you have an interest to learn russian or uzbek. Uzbek language is one of the turkish languages of the world. People who live in Uzbekistan speaks in this language. Uzbekistan has more than 28 mln population. The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent. This year we celebrate 2000 anniversary of our capital. Our country situated in Central Asia. It borders with such countries like Turkmenistan, Kaskhstan, Tadjikistan, Kirgizstan. Some 18 years ago we were one of the soviet republics. More than 70 years soviets ruled in Our country. at last in 1 of September 1991 we reached to our independence.

Bye for now. Hope to read your comments.


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hello everyone
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