Florida - Polyglot Network

Welcome to Florida Polyglot Network!

Welcome to the Florida Polyglot Club Region!

I am Steven Vasallo the Regional Administrator and I will be here to help you.

Hopefully I will be able to start setting up polyglot meetings soon.


Sir_Jameson profile picture Sir_JamesonNovember 2013
Berlinerjunge profile picture BerlinerjungeFebruary 2017
I can teach german/english and would like to learn spanish / italian
JhonBrando profile picture JhonBrandoAugust 2016
I want to learn English and I can teach Spanish
JoeyJnd profile picture JoeyJndDecember 2016
I'm learning Italian and I can teach English.
jsanchez0510 profile picture jsanchez0510September 2016
Any meetings in Ft. Lauderdale/ Miami?
RUDY16000 profile picture RUDY16000July 2012
Hello every body I'm french and I would like speack english very good can I help me ?
Melo0174 profile picture Melo0174April 2013
Hello ! Je suis française et j'aimerais apprendre l'anglais !