🇫🇮🇪🇪🇭🇺🗣URALIC Languages!🗣🇭🇺🇪🇪🇫🇮

  • Date: Feb 24, 2021
  • Time: 20:55
  • Link to ONLINE event: Link visible for attendees
  • Number of Attendees expected: 1
  • MAX number of attendees: 50
  • www.meetup.com

Hello everyone!

🇺🇸Can you understand/speak Finnish (or "suomi") Estonian (or "eesti"), and/or Hungarian (or "magyar")?🇺🇸

🇸🇪Kan du förstå/prata finska, estniska, och/eller ungerska?🇸🇪

🇮🇸Geturðu skilið/talað finnsku, eistnesku, og/eða ungversku?🇮🇸

🇱🇹Ar tu gali suprasti/kalbėti suomiškai, estiškai, ir/ar vengriškai?🇱🇹

🇵🇱Czy możesz rozumieć/mówić po fińsku, estońsku, i/czy węgiersku?🇵🇱

🇩🇪Kannst du verstehen/sprechen Finnisch, Estnisch, und/oder Ungarisch?🇩🇪

Whether you come from North America, Finland, Estonia, Hungary, or anywhere else in the world, if:
-your native language (or "mother tongue") is one of the modern Uralic languages--Finnish, Estonian, or Hungarian
-your native language (or "mother tongue") is NEITHER Finnish, Estonian, NOR Hungarian, but you are interested in at least one of these languages
-you have no one to converse in/practice your Finnish, Estonian, and/or Hungarian with
-you are fond of Finno-Ugric (Sámi, Finnish, Estonian) and/or Hungarian music, films, poetry, literature, etc.

Then you came to the right place!

Based on the Pacific Standard Time Zone (PST), please indicate which time frame(s) works for you: 8:55p-9:55p, 9:55p-10:55p, and/or 10:55p-11:55p.

During the event, I will assign "breakout rooms" (such as "Finnish," "Estonian," and/or "Hungarian") based on your specific interests.

If you have any questions or concerns, then feel free to message me anytime!

P.S. At least a few minutes before the event starts, I will update the time if necessary. Currently, I cannot stay for over 30-60 minutes long. If no one can make it to this event, then I will have to cancel this event.

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