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champ127 profile picture champ127October 2017

Hello my name is Joseph,

I would love to exchange my English and Spanish languages for French, Italian, or any other language.  Gracias!!

MelodyDevereaux profile picture MelodyDevereauxNovember 2016
Magandang gabi! I am learning Tagalog, and know very little. I want to know more. Please do message me if you are interested in helping me learn!
Rossy4u profile picture Rossy4uAugust 2016
add me on kik messager app so we can have some fun im horny now .. my id is rossy4u
iceageman profile picture iceagemanJuly 2016
Altitude determines attitude
arancia profile picture aranciaMay 2016
Buongiorno! Studio italiano!
TravelRock profile picture TravelRockMarch 2014
Hola soy Argentino quien me enseña idioma ingles ? gracias


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