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  • impure profile picture impureNovember 2012
    hi claudia! i live in london too and my english is far from perfect) but it will be nice to find a new friend, so if you wanna chat - just let me know
haiowen profile picture haiowenOctober 2012
somebody learn chinese?
Aniloo profile picture AnilooOctober 2012
English is my first language hence I am very fluent yet I am interested in a job speck in UK not but in the UAE's hence I thought their language is more appropriate...
Aniloo profile picture AnilooOctober 2012
I hope whoever reads these messages will pick up on one point that Aniloo is not in Bha but United Kingdom with Una now nope!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and living in Harrow not
TuanInUK profile picture TuanInUKJuly 2012
Hello, I am quite fluent in English and can also speak/write French. I'm looking for someone who is good in Vietnamese to talk with. If you can read and write so much the better. I already speak Vietnamese, but I need to improve it so I can go on a volunteer mission in Vietnam. I'm a pretty good listener and can correct you as you talk. I'm also a good friend!
AnnaEchelon profile picture AnnaEchelonJune 2012
Hi, i'm Anna,i'm 14 and i live in Italy. I would like to improve in English talking with someone I can teach you something in Italian if you want, i'll also be a good friend!
ghlaro7e profile picture ghlaro7eMay 2012
hi my name is ghla i want to learn how can i speak english well i wnna help from u and i can teach arabic its very nice language