Kocaeli Province - Polyglot Network

Welcome to Kocaeli Province Polyglot Network!

This club’s aim is to bring together people who are interested in languages, namely language lovers. 

we are keen on speaking different languages.

We offer our members an environment that helps them improve their language skills by having conversations in which many languages spoken. If you want to better your foreign language skills or keep them active, come to our meetings and practice speaking and experience a variety of languages with other speakers.

It is our goal to be the most prestigious club of  Izmit / Kocaeli




All activities serve our members to improve their language skills in various ways.

The activities hereunder are advisable for General Members:
1. Discussions: Participating in discussions on different subjects using your non-native language
2. Sharing information: Listen to Permenant Members’ experiences who are interested in languages.

The activities hereunder are advisable for Permenant Members:
1. Exchange languages: Our club enables you to find the right person to exchange languages

2. Multilingual conversations: Find a group of people speaking some common languages that you know and keep changing the languages while the conversation proceeds.

3. Simultaneous translation: Find an expert speaker of the language you know and tell each other your sentences reciprocal to better your simultaneous translation skill.

4. Lectures: On occasions, we will invite specialists to lecture on various subjects such as languages, history, social, cultural and political issues …etc.

black_eagle profile picture black_eagleJune 2016
you are turkısh man I guess
Hamza7134 profile picture Hamza7134May 2016
I am learning turkish currently in kocaeli and I know english.I would appreciate help in learning turkish

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