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Willkommen zum The Netherlands Polyglot Netzwerk!

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Aleksks profile picture AleksksOctober 2009



  No response since then. Nobody interest by a beer?



Aleksks profile picture AleksksSeptember 2009

  Hi there!


  Is there people in the netherlands interested by polyglot meetings? I'm about to come in your country and I'd like to meet people.


  see you

Ena_ira profile picture Ena_iraAugust 2009

Hi !

I Ariane, future student in Amsterdam, and I would like to learn Dutch, I can give french "courses" in the same time !

I am from Lille, and will live in Amsterdam from the 21st of August 09 for 1year  !

If you're interested, you can join me on skype : ena.ira

See you !


pizza777 profile picture pizza777June 2009



im a beginner in dutch, and i want to find a dutch teacher


my skype is xaerus81