Bangkok Speaks all languages!

Anyone wanting to practice foreign languages (it's FREE of course!) is welcome to join the group at the WOC Club, a bar at Siamsquare Centerpoint.

The idea is to meet people and have conversations in a your mother tongue as well as in foreign languages which you learn or teach. English, French, Spanish, Italian and Thai are sure to be represented, and many more exotic languages will be available as members sign up for the event.

Please, REGISTER HERE  with the number of people you bring

We'll be there from 8:00 p.m until people have had enough or the place closes...

WOC Club, 264/46 Siamsquare soi 3 (Centerpoint), Rama 1 Road

BTS: Skytrain exit 2, on the right hand side of Centerpoint.
If you are coming from the other side, facing the Centerpoint sign, it's immediately on your left, on the floor above the Siam Laser Clinic.

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Alilas profile picture AlilasJuly 2009



I'm new here. Just find out about this site.

Nice to see everyone!



multidev profile picture multidevMay 2008

Hello I'm a new one who have just met this site and I miss this meeting I feel regret T_T I have just know that is late.

By the way, I 'm very interested and would like to find friends. I hope to see you soon.


vincent profile picture vincentMay 2008
It's not too late to register !

best regards,

piak975 profile picture piak975May 2008

Hello..  : )

I am not sure it is too late to register or not. but I would like to practice English there too.


vincent profile picture vincentMay 2008

if you do not find the other participants inside the place, I've sent to each registered member to this meeting the mobile phone number of  monoaguster

best regards,


polyglot admin
vincent profile picture vincentMay 2008
yeah!! Eleo :

send us some pictures of your trip here !! -)