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Welcome to Polyglot Taiwan, my dear Taiwanese friends and foreign friends in Taiwan.

Learning a language can be a costly undertaking, especially when it comes to
writing and speaking practice. Good written materials and online audio and
video resources are easily available in many languages, so reading and
listening practice in the target language can be done on one's own without
too much help from others. Writing and speaking practice, on the other hand,
require someone to give you feedback and corrections. Privately-arranged
one-to-one language exchanges are free, but their effectiveness is limited.

Our objective is to offer, at minimum expense, a flexible platform for
language exchange that focuses on speaking ability. Through diverse
activities, members can spend pleasant hours not just their polishing
language skills but also making friends. We invite everybody interested to
come and enjoy the activities of our club - and to bring your friends!


doung1118 profile picture doung1118November 2016
can you teach me English , also you englsih is good .
yahohoya profile picture yahohoyaNovember 2016
Hello,I'm yahohoya . I want to improve my English specking.I can teach u Mandarin.
Jaeyah profile picture JaeyahAugust 2013
Hello everybody! My name is Jade. I look a correspondents to learn Min and Chinese Cantonese. I can teach you French. Contact me!

Bonjour tout le monde! Je m'appel Jade. Je recherche des correspondants pour apprendre le Min et le Chinois Cantonais. Je peut vous apprendre le Français. Contactez-moi !
mandy11 profile picture mandy11January 2016
Hi.there.I am looking for a language partner is to keep using my Englisg as much as.I enjoy traveling.reading.....
shawn78122 profile picture shawn78122October 2012
DFB is the best.
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