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Welcome to Polyglot Taiwan, my dear Taiwanese friends and foreign friends in Taiwan.

Learning a language can be a costly undertaking, especially when it comes to
writing and speaking practice. Good written materials and online audio and
video resources are easily available in many languages, so reading and
listening practice in the target language can be done on one's own without
too much help from others. Writing and speaking practice, on the other hand,
require someone to give you feedback and corrections. Privately-arranged
one-to-one language exchanges are free, but their effectiveness is limited.

Our objective is to offer, at minimum expense, a flexible platform for
language exchange that focuses on speaking ability. Through diverse
activities, members can spend pleasant hours not just their polishing
language skills but also making friends. We invite everybody interested to
come and enjoy the activities of our club - and to bring your friends!

nananancy profile picture nananancyApril 2017
HI! I'm from Taiwan, I wold like to find someone who can teach me English and whant to learn Chinese.if you can please give messager to me
yo510327 profile picture yo510327March 2017
i want to learn english, i can teach chinese. have any one want to exchange with me?
KaiChen profile picture KaiChenFebruary 2017
Hi,I am from Nantou,I wanna find someone who can teach me English.
Louise880312 profile picture Louise880312February 2017
Hello,I'm from Kaohsiung, I would like to find someone who can teach me English and who want to learn Chinese.If you want to buy the product,please send me a message.
Vanessa0907 profile picture Vanessa0907January 2017
HI! I'm from Taiwan, I wold like to find someone who can teach me English and whant to learn Chinese.We also can be pen pals.
doung1118 profile picture doung1118November 2016
someonw who could be talk English with me , also slow plz
Ching-CH profile picture Ching-CHNovember 2012
Hello, I would like to find some friends who can chat with me by English.

They talk about us!

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