Arabic Conversations (Any Level)

A "language café" style meet-up for Arabic language practice. Sit down, have a coffee and some fun conversation with a mixed group of people! This café will run most weeks from June to late August. We stay for at least an hour, maybe more!

Learners of any level are welcome, and native speakers are of course very welcome (we need people to practice with after all). Standard Arabic and any dialect welcome, but please note that you may not find someone to practice a particular variety with every time (last summer, the participants changed a lot from one week to another!).

Please note that the time and day are tentative and may change in the first few weeks.

Organizer's note: Hi y'all. My name is Emma and I'm an L2 speaker of Arabic. During the terms I go to a language café at Stockholm Uni, and I want to create an opportunity for myself and others to keep practicing during the summer. I won't be able to attend every single week, but most weeks. Hopefully someone else can host during the weeks I am not able.