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Aayubowan!!  Vanakkam!!  Hello!!

Welcome to the Sri Lanka network of Polyglotclub.... Learning language is fun and it makes you more cultured and if you talk to somebody in their language they will like you more.... So lets teach,learn, share and improve our knowlege.... and the same time make new friends too :) 

If You have any questions you can send me a message. As the SL network admin I  would be happy to help regarding any concerns.. And also feel free to share your thoughts that would help us to improve language learning..... All the best!!

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nuwan1988 profile picture nuwan1988   
hi i wanna to improve m english skill who an helpme.. my whatsapp id 0094714088452
    April 2017
nishila profile picture nishila   
Hello people? How are the things going on?
    March 2013
  • Dodangoda profile picture Dodangoda about u?
      April 2015
Dodangoda profile picture Dodangoda   
Hi frndz....
    April 2015
Vidura profile picture Vidura   
    September 2013
gd75 profile picture gd75   
Hi anyone help me. what are the best books to learn English grammar
    June 2013
  • mvnhj profile picture mvnhj   
    Essential Grammar
      August 2013
  • chinthaka profile picture chinthaka   
    wren and martinent highschool english grammar
      July 2013
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