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Learning the Arabic language will make you experience and enjoy the middle eastern culture. Without having the Arabic language fundamentals will make you lose the best feature in the middle east culture which is the Arabic language. The most important goal in this Network is to build a solid relationship between the Arabic native speakers and the Arabic learners. By your suggestions goals will be achieved, all E-Mails are welcomed any time.

Yours Sincerely,
Dakhil AlDossari

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joiria profile picture joiriaJuly 2016
Hi can anyone here teach me English please
Powerlifter profile picture PowerlifterJune 2016
I can teach the Arabic language for any body
Mr_Esa profile picture Mr_EsaOctober 2013
Hello , i can learn Arabic
ayaeve profile picture ayaeveJuly 2013
Hi I am sousou!
mandojunior profile picture mandojuniorJune 2013
I need some one to learn me english , my problem cant speak correct , please help me
rashisd profile picture rashisdMay 2013
my Arabic for your French
Arabic for german
using wazup and voxer ....very helpful
meme444 profile picture meme444May 2013
My Arabic, your English