Traditional Meeting. Thursdays!


  • 日期: Mar 04, 2010
  • 时间: 19:00
  • 地址: 参与者可见的地址
  • Couchsurfing
  • 电话号码: +79099999765


Good time of the day, dear Polyglots! 
  from 19-00
As usual - on Thursday, so this week is on 4th of March!
See you there!



About the meetings:
Mostly we speak English there, 
but French, German, Spanish and all other languages are heartily welcome!
Russian-language learners easily find support here as well 

THE MEETING IS INSIDE THE Café from 19-00 (evening!)

CALL ALEX +7-909-9999-765

feel free to  REGISTER HERE for this meeting


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Podvoh profile picture PodvohDecember 2009

Просьба девушке, связанной с турпоходами, которая была сегодня на встрече отписаться в личку :) 

vincent profile picture vincentNovember 2008

i've sent the mailing for this week

for some reason the automatic sending did not work last night,

i've sent it manually just now

Total members in Moscow City = 2140

king_k profile picture king_kNovember 2008

Here is the list of participants on Thursday, Nov the 13th


1. Alexander Mamich

2. Andrei Gornostaev

3. Alexander Romanenko

4. Irina Kosenkova

5. Olga Aseeva

6. Eric Khou

7. Ilya Fedetov

8. Deric Atienza

9. Ksenia Kondratyeva

10. Alex Volkov

11. Krishna Neelamraju

12. Elena Bobrova

13. Marina Oblova

14. Arina Solina

15. Alberto F


Have fun folks!

pat profile picture patNovember 2008
All set, Alex! I just sent a group mailing to ALL Polyglot Members living in Moscow. Enjoy the meeting =)
vincent profile picture vincentNovember 2008
invitation sent

Total members in Moscow City = 2095
AssESSoR profile picture AssESSoROctober 2008
As for report  on the 23.10.2008 meeting,

thanks Gosh I'm lazy again to scan our Participants Lists.

So have a look at the papers,

I'll just add some statistics about the languages.


We had about 23 Russian-speakers,

26 English-speakers,

10 French-speakers,

8 Spanish-speakers,

6 German,

2 Portuguese,

2 Italian,

1 Chinese,

1 Japanese,

1 Tagalog,

1 Greek,

1 Bengali,

1 Hindi,

1 Malay,

1 Catala,

3 Finnish-speakers!

Join us next Thursday annd,

Don't forget - now we're meeting on week-ends also!
AssESSoR profile picture AssESSoROctober 2008
Hi, flotchoune!

Sure, you're heartily welcome to the meetings!

See you on Thursday!

flotchoune profile picture flotchouneOctober 2008

Hello everybody,

I am visiting Moscow and would like to come this thursday ( 23 october). Hope to see you