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Boricuas! Bienvenidos  a Polyglot y a nuestra isla del encanto, Puerto Rico. Welcome everyone to Puerto Rico, La Isla del Encanto!

Feel free to enjoy and  exchange languages and culture with us.



Daemoniumm profile picture DaemoniummNovember 2020
Saludos mi gente. Bienvenidos a Puerto Rico! How are you? We are planning some meetings in Puerto Rico very soon. If anyone interested, please post below!
Daemoniumm profile picture DaemoniummJanuary 2011

Anyone in Puerto Rico who  is interested in  another language other than spanish and english please post here. Anyone who is interested to learn spanish and/or english from people in Puerto Rico post here any request too.   Vamos a ver si podemos hacer una reunión de lenguajes  en PR.

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