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Mabuhay Ka !! Kaibigan

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antonfabico profile picture antonfabicoJanuary 2013
Hi guys! I want to learn french
kloong profile picture kloongNovember 2012
hi ! ..i want to learn Nihongo
krissyanne profile picture krissyanneNovember 2012
Hallo, I want to learn german, hilf mir bitte!
Kazie111 profile picture Kazie111November 2012
I'wan't to learn chinese''who chinese here site; :P
Kazie111 profile picture Kazie111November 2012
lars27 profile picture lars27November 2012
Hello everyone
bampy24 profile picture bampy24September 2012
black_peepers profile picture black_peepersOctober 2012
Hi there! Anyone who can help me improve my grammar and speaking skills. If you are interested, I can help you with Ilonggo and Tagalog.
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