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Welcome to Nepal Polyglot Network!

Hi friends, I would like to welcome you all in the 'Polyglot Website' to exchange the Language and Culture. The main goal of the website is to exchange the language and the cultures and the language of the various part of the world. I hope that we can explore the ideas and the solutions that the people face the problem because of the languages.

Cheers for the better life!!

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duckie8651 profile picture duckie8651June 2017
Namaste. I will be visiting Nepal this August, and looking for help with the basics of language and any tips for while I'm in Kathmandu.
yugant_yug profile picture yugant_yugMarch 2017
udynpn profile picture udynpnJanuary 2017
Hi, is anyone here like to practice English speaking with me?
MAGAR profile picture MAGARJanuary 2016
Namaskar! I want to learn German, is there any one who wants to help me?
Renbo profile picture RenboOctober 2015
hlw frn
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