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daniela_cr profile picture daniela_crApril 2017

Hi everyone! I speak Spanish perfectly and I'm learning English. So if you know a lot of English we can talk via Whatsapp! Just add me and send a message. I can teach you and you can teach me +7443193478

Isao profile picture IsaoMarch 2017
Hello, I´m from Mexico, I´m looking someone to chat
Rolando16 profile picture Rolando16March 2017

Hello! My name is Rolando and i am from Cancun, Mexico. I am looking to chat with someone from Slovakia, I want to learn slovak and in return i will teach spanish and english!!

Erikasouleri profile picture ErikasouleriFebruary 2017
Hola, alguien de UK? Hello anybody of UK to help me with english?
Enric201 profile picture Enric201February 2017
Hola, alguien que quiera aprender español y me enseñe ingles? / Hello, someone who wants to learn Spanish and teach me English?
javier1943 profile picture javier1943February 2017
hola! soy mexicano, hablo español e ingles y me gustaría aprender ruso. alguien puede ayudarme?
chiquilin_95 profile picture chiquilin_95December 2016

Hello I'd like to practice french and german, I speak english and spanish, so I could help you.