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About meNice to meet you. My name is Yutaro. I'm a Japanese man who lives in Japan and currently a doctoral student. My major is bioinformatics, biology. -Just About Me Shy of strangers/Bookworm/Addict to watching movies/Alcoholic/Daydreamer/Like making stories/Considering human psychology/Platonic love -My Prose I started to read my proses aloud. This is my English lesson for improving my pronunciation. I am looking forwards to listening to your advice! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgLJtP0RGYXUHEs2OgWN6cg -Requests ・I don't have LINE. Don't ask me about it. ・Basically, I am learning English and I am looking for English native speakers who are learning Japanese. ・Feel free to send a message if you'd like to study languages with me or become friends with me. ・Never leave easy comments such as "hi" and "how are you?". ・Please show me your real face. I also try to show you my face. ・Trying to be talkative is important to keep our friendship. It also can be a kindness for your friends. I try to do so. ・Japanese people are also welcome. I love Japan. ・I prefer speaking lessons over exchanging messages.

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