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Helllo fellow polyglots! I am new to this community. Learning languages; We come from the Netherlands to learn and live in a different culture and learn about life in nature. I found out about young people speaking a zillion of languages. Intrigued immediately, I became a member. Me and my family enjoy living in nature out in the forest around Vojnic. We aim to create a nature community where working, learning and living is shared. This should result in an economy driven by natural resources. Life in nature should be celebrated and should not be about survival. Learning the culture ad productive practices are part of our challenge. A language is also a tool to be able to socialize. To have fun. And get what you want. We are on our way to learn the Croatian language. We have possibilities for guests to stay. For trainees to learn about managing the development of a place like ours. Or find the path in life in practical clear ways that can be learned by working in our projects. Again, to live and celebrate living in nature is the aim of our life. It is a way of living we have gladly chosen and want to share with like minded people.

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