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kristukas20x profile picture kristukas20x   
hello my name is Kristina. i would like learn English.
    April 2017
  • Veronika28 profile picture Veronika28   
    Yes my name isVeronika
      August 2017
vytnau profile picture vytnau   
Hello, my name is Vytautas. I would like practice my English.
    November 2016
Alburn profile picture Alburn   
Bonjour je veux apprendre la langue fraçais
    August 2016
brangveil profile picture brangveil   
Hej alle sammen, jeg håber virkelig, at jeg kan finde en dansker, der vil gerne lære litauisk og snakke på dansk med mig Jeg bor i Vilnius!
    September 2013
avei profile picture avei   
Hello. I am avei. I like socialize, so if you want to have funny and interesting chat, text me
    March 2013
edvardas profile picture edvardas   
hello,my name is edvardas
    February 2013
demioselle-mg profile picture demioselle-mg   

wink The most important language I would like to improve is PORTUGUESE (for now). Because, I am coming back to Porto (such a good news) and I need someone to talk to me a bit : )) 
If there are some portuguese  friends for me..... it will be just so great ! wink cheeky

    November 2012
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