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dim-dim profile picture dim-dimAugust 2012

Our language community suggest you to communicate with the best  union of  polyglot members (to find out more send me a message)

indrax profile picture indraxAugust 2012
Hello everyone I really wnat to practise my weak russian I can speak lithuanian and russian
Ernestuxse profile picture ErnestuxseJuly 2012
Hello my name is Ernesta and i can help for Lithuania language if you help me for english
Kadrile profile picture KadrileJuly 2012
Everybody, who want to learn our beautiful and old but incredibly hard language- contact me;-)
Naftinis profile picture NaftinisJuly 2012
Hello!!My name is Rima!!!
vincent profile picture vincentSeptember 2009

  Pirmasis Polyglotų susitikimas Vilniuje! 

Mokotės kalbas, norite pasidalinti savo žiniomis ir pabendrauti, gerai praleisti laiką? Kviečiame atvykti į susitikimą trečiadienį,   2009 09 09   20 val.   Franki vyninėje.
Rasite Vilniaus g. 35, Vilniaus centre, šalia Mokytojų namų.
You are learning languages and would like to have a great time? You are welcome for language exchange on Wednesday 2009 September 9th from 8 pm in Franki Vynine.
You will find in Vilnius st. 35, in the centre of Vilnius near Teachers house.
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