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I'm seeking others to teach me Vietnamese while I can help them with their English.


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lan_ngoc2 profile picture lan_ngoc22 weeks ago
hello, I am from Vietnam. I can have you speak Vietnamese. Can you teach me English?
Caotuan161 profile picture Caotuan161September 2016
Hello, I'm the administrator of the regional club in Hanoi, pleased to get acquainted, add skype : caotuan1601 or email Caotuan161Caotuan161 profile picture
nhi_nhi profile picture nhi_nhiSeptember 2016
I want learning english from you
nhi_nhi profile picture nhi_nhiSeptember 2016
Hi. I can teaching vietnamese. I com from vietnamese
Victoria95 profile picture Victoria95July 2016
hi, my name is Hà. I'm a Vietnamese. We can exchange language. I willing to teach you Vietnamese. Also, I want to improve my English. My facebook: https://
phuonglan2510 profile picture phuonglan2510May 2016
i can, may i have chance ?
huongdo profile picture huongdoApril 2016
hi, nice to meet you!!
I am a Vietnamese. Glad that I can teach you Vietnamese.
and I am studying english. I want to find a friend to improve my english.
puppysusu profile picture puppysusuApril 2016
i can.fb :https:// my name is ân.