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How would I translate "Terraces among cloudmist" to Turkish?

I'm working on an architecture project and wanted to title it that in Turkish. Google translate says "Bulut sis arasında yamaca." Is this correct? Thank you in advance! :-D

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waitingfortime profile picture waitingfortimeApril 2019
Turkucu is right with translation but we dont generally call anything as 'bulut sisi' so maybe 'sis bulutu' is kinda better expression to use. It sounds much like 'mist cloud, cloud of mist' . Still we cant say it is wrong to use 'bulut sisi'. Free to collab words when u want to give a new soul to your expressions. And a cool way to name things with them. Good luck for your project
Turkucu profile picture TurkucuMarch 2019
"Terraces among cloud mist" Turkish translate :
"Bulut sisi arasındaki teraslar"