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Fark nedir "saol", "eyvallah" ve "teşekkür ederim"?

Fark nedir 

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bushishi profile picture bushishiOctober 2019
Teşekkür ederim: better to use this option, it is polite and useful. Means "Thank you" you may say that to your boss, teacher, friends or a cashier, general and formal way to say thank you
Sağ ol: it means "thanks" literal meaning is " live long, be healty" its a casual word, you may use this word only with friends or family as its an informal way to thank someone
Eyvallah: its an Arabic word to express your gratefulness, but in Turkish, usage of this word is more like slang, you may use this content with your close friends or people you fell
comfortable with. Usually men use it, not suitable for women at all.
always go with "Teşekkür ederim or Teşekkürler."
  • erdal75 profile picture erdal75Last month
    ”Saol” and ”eyvallah” are typically more informal thank-you expressions used with a warm and friendly tone. ”Saol” is a shortened form of ”sağ ol” and means ”thank you”. ”Eyvallah” means ”okay, no problem” or ”you’re welcome” and is used to indicate acceptance of someone’s thanks.

    On the other hand, ”teşekkür ederim” is a more formal thank-you expression and is commonly used in professional or business settings. This expression is used with a more serious and respectful tone, and is generally accepted as a standard.

    In summary, ”saol” and ”eyvallah” are informal thank-you expressions used with a warm and friendly tone, while ”teşekkür ederim” is a formal thank-you expression used in professional or business settings.
  • Logical-Song profile picture Logical-SongAugust 2022
    I tried to learn Turkish many years ago, because I thought it was a beautiful language, but I gave up because I found the grammar too difficult, too bad I couldn’t. :-( Your explanation was great. Congratulations! :-)
berrak_ezg profile picture berrak_ezgSeptember 2017
sağol is similiar thanks
teşekkür ederim is similiar thank you but eyvallah is different other words because it is religious
cerenmiray profile picture cerenmirayJuly 2017
sağol basit oluyor . eyvallahta daha ağır(genellikle erkekler kullanır). en güzel ve kibarı teşekkür ederimdir. herkese karşı kullanılabilir.
hiatus profile picture hiatusDecember 2020

Sağ ol; 1-) Thank you. 2-) We say for "kindliness, favor and nice behavior". 
Eyvallah:  1-)Thank you. 2-) Accept. 3-) consent  4-) entrusted to god

Teşekkür Ederim: Thank you

deutschx profile picture deutschxJuly 2017

Saol değil sağ ol. Teşekkür ederim ile aynı anlama gelir. Eyvallah kelimesinin ise farklı anlamlarıda vardır; 1. Teşekkür etmek. 2. Kabul etmek. 3. Allah'a ısmarladık.

CentauriA profile picture CentauriADecember 2019
Sağol samimi olmayan teşekkür etmektir, eyvallah ise sokak ağzında daha çok erkeklerin kullandığı teşekkür ederimdir.