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what is different between yapsaydın and yaptıysan, and yapmadıysan.
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SelmanLika profile picture SelmanLikaAugust 2018
Turkish language is contextual. Yapsaydın can mean "should have done" yaptıysan can mean "if you have done", yapmadıysan " unless you have done". But there is a slight chance those can change depending on where you use them.
emiremrek80 profile picture emiremrek80August 2018
Im turkish and I too dont know the difference????. But I can say them. Yapsaydın and yaptıysan is looking like same on english. But; Bunu yapsaydın => if you would do this, Yaptıysan => if you did, Bunu yapmadıysan =>if you didnt do this. Thats it)