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Sawat dee khrap! Hello! I just started learning Thai and would love to exchange some words with someone to learn Thai. I can speak German and English! Kob khun khrap!


SatangThaiAsia profile picture SatangThaiAsiaMay 2015
สวัสดีครับ Sawatdee krab.
I glad to help you practice my language.
What skill that do you want to learning ?
Speaking Writing Grammar or anything .

melitorious profile picture melitoriousMay 2014
็Hi Sa was dee ka! We can exchange na! I can teach you Thai and Chinese; In return, u teach me German and English, how 'bout that ?
ee19ine profile picture ee19ine1 weeks ago
The two of us can exchange languages.
farida_jrj profile picture farida_jrjJanuary 2018
fighting!!! you can it
nisarat_wa profile picture nisarat_waDecember 2017
sawaddee ka i can teach Thai but you must teach ENGLISH to me
omsab profile picture omsabApril 2015
sa wat dee ka i can teach thai language for you And you must teach english for me
Muimuisiri profile picture MuimuisiriMay 2014
Sa was dee ka
Huaneaw profile picture HuaneawFebruary 2014
Sa was dee ka ^^