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BaluP profile picture BaluPAugust 2016
ungal peyar enna? but in regular spoken Tamil, it's: un pe'r enna? ( ' indicates a stress/strech in the sound)
Sakthi03 profile picture Sakthi03March 2016
உங்கள் பெயர் என்ன?
lacnhaer_d profile picture lacnhaer_dJanuary 2019
My name is Sudha. I have submitted my pan card application 2 days before. The amount debited with my bank account. How many days taken time for receive my pan card? I need very urgent for starting my investment in various sources. In this investment are very essentials for my daughter's marriage. I am having son. He is working at USA. But pan card and Aadhaar card not get still now. Is it possible to taken pan card in India? It is acceptable for banks in India. I have received my son's sending money from online.
More problems are available to receive my son money with bank. I need to support him for taken pan card for their transactions. Cash transaction should be needed the pan card. So i said him to apply new pan card online. I am having doubt If is it possible to give permanent address as here. Please tell me for apply new one. Now application is in my hand. Necessary documents and required things are available here. It is getting to required filling applicant name, Address for the applicant, pin code and mobile number. I need to make correction in my card. Submitted all details also.
My friend knows my pan card number. So i need to change my pan number. Is it possible now? What are the procedures i will follow for doing that? I have received one SMS for my mobile number given by the pan card application. My friend also received wrong pan card. Address, contact details are differing from submitted. Name is also same. But other details are wrong. I have compliant online about this. I need to take action for that issue. Please give me some suggestions and ideas for filing complaint. How to change the pan card address and other details. Anybody is there? Please give me solution for my friend’s problem in pan card.
PaulABO profile picture PaulABOJune 2016
My name is Paul
Biokiller profile picture BiokillerMarch 2016
wakkas profile picture wakkasApril 2016
Im awesome