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how do you say, I love you in Berber?


MonaMikassa profile picture MonaMikassaDecember 2017
arkem tirigh = love u
it's in tachelhit
Aweddar profile picture AweddarAugust 2017
Tekhsekhchek towards a man and tekhsekhchem towards a woman in Riffian
GLOTGLOTA profile picture GLOTGLOTAAugust 2016
Hemlaghk for men, hemlaghkem for women, hemlaghkoun for a group of persons. Is kabyle berber.
hichamlho profile picture hichamlhoOctober 2016
i love you in berber or tamaright is dakkm tirikh
Mima12345 profile picture Mima12345May 2020
hemlaghkem for women and hemlaghk for a men and sehibighk aussi
berberalgeria profile picture berberalgeriaAugust 2016
(men) : hemlagh-k. (women) : hemlagh-kem
group (you) : hemlagh-ken, they: hemlagh-then