BEANTWORTEN SIE FRAGEN - العربية القياسية

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Hi speak English fluently I am currently living in saudi arabia I need help to learn arabic. IS there anyone who can help me I can help you with English. Thank you.
Want to learn Arabic.


mahmoud_ab2 profile picture mahmoud_ab2December 2016
I can help u my skype memooo553
U help me in english
  • alm555 profile picture alm555December 2017
    I can help you my whats app967777644237 and you can help me leern english
Mahmoudfathy22 profile picture Mahmoudfathy22February 2021
Ok i can help you
Mahmoud2050 profile picture Mahmoud2050January 2017
we can help each other...
ali_shubbe profile picture ali_shubbeJune 2022
NusibaTalahmeh profile picture NusibaTalahmehJune 2020
Hello, I can teach you Arabic ?
yazan_Q profile picture yazan_QJune 2018
i search about someone like this
i can
izak133 profile picture izak133June 2018
yes ofc i can help you if you want , we learn each other