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Best WhatsApp groups to Learn Spanish. Post groups OR Vote for the best!

POST GROUPS: If you have used a WhatsApp group to learn Spanish and you think it's great, write the LINK here so others can join. Tell us why it's great.


VOTE FOR THE BESTClick the thumb_up4.png or thumb_down4.png button to vote for the best group.


RULES: (or your post will be deleted)

- DO NOT vote for your own group

- DO NOT post your phone number (you will receive spam)

- DO NOT submit multiple times the same group

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vincent profile picture vincentOctober 2020

2 more groups :

🍀Amigos y Amigas Españoles:

🍀Español en mi Sangre:

JaimeEfe profile picture JaimeEfeApril 2021
Hola, soy nuevo aquí .. no sé como opera .. que debo hacer?
  • vincent profile picture vincentApril 2021
    Hello, if you want to learn Spanish using Whatsapp, just click one of the link posted here.