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What are some of the most popular idioms in Dominican Republic?
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Doval profile picture DovalJune 2019

Here are a few of my favorites:

Qué lo qué - Contraction of "qué es lo que hay" (K lo k or KLK in SMS) - What's up?

Ah po' 'tá bien (Ah pues está bien) - Okay; sure.

Un chin - A little; a bit; a small amount.

Un fracatán/Un bojote - (The opposite of "un chin.") A very large amount; a "crapload."

Dar bola - Give (offer) a ride (in a car or on a "pasola" (scooter))

¡Echa pa'llá! - Move over!

Anda el diablo/diache/diañe/diantre - Literally, the devil walks (diache, diañe, and diantre are some of the euphemisms used in the DR to avoid saying "devil.") An expression of surprise, frustration, or concern.

  • Doval profile picture DovalJune 2019
    Echa pa'llá is not really specific to the Dominican Republic. But it is a fun expression to use.