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Voĉdoni nun!Respondis
hey everyone, I am learning russian as a beginner. I need content of any type. Music, stories, cartoons etc. doesn’t matter. So if you have any suggestion I would like to hear it. Thanks a lot.


u_krskv profile picture u_krskvDecember 2022
Hello! In every language as beginner it’s very good to start from children’s literature)) Try to watch „The Peppa Pig“ in Russian or to read poems by Agniya Barto, for example, or stories by Mikhail Prishvin. Good luck ✌🏻
  • niais profile picture niaisDecember 2022
    u_krskvu_krskv profile picture thanks a lot, I will check all of them. I usually find it hard to find russian content with my native language subtitles but I think it’s still good for me to watch it without subs. Thanks again
Maria_maha profile picture Maria_mahaJanuary 2023
Hello, I’m native Russian girl, and I can help you with learning Russin, and you will help me with English. Как тебе предложение?
  • niais profile picture niaisJanuary 2023
    Это очень хорошее предложение. I believe we can help each other and I was looking for someone to practice for some time so I would really like that.
Gleb2410 profile picture Gleb2410January 2023
Hi I can help with learning Russian language.
Juliya_Androsova profile picture Juliya_AndrosovaDecember 2022
Hello. I’m not sure that you saw my last message for your previous question, I advised you to listen this this song:
She’s popular Russian singer Polina Gagarina, she sings a song by another artist «The cuckoo/ Кукушка».
Also I think that it would be interesting for you to watch Russian version of TV show “The Voice”. But sometimes people from this show sing in English 😊
  • niais profile picture niaisDecember 2022
    I saw it but I guess I forgot to reply. After previous comment, I watched Peppa pig and it was very helpful. I think watching shows in russian really works for me.Thanks a lot, I will check it.