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Resource List for Learning Russian

Hi Language Enthusiasts,

Do you want to learn Russian but don't know where to start? Then I've got the perfect resource list for you and you can find its links below. Let me know if you have any suggestions to improve it. I hope everyone can enjoy it and if anyone notices any mistakes or has any questions you are free to PM me.

Here is what the resource list contains;

  1. Handmade resources on certain grammar concepts for easy understanding.

  2. Resources on learning pronunciation.

  3. Websites to practice reading.

  4. Documents to enhance your vocabulary.

  5. Notes on Colloquial Language and Dialects.

  6. Music playlists

  7. List of podcasts/audiobooks And a compiled + organized list of websites you can use to get hold of grammar!

PS: Discover these free Russian lessons: Teaching session: TimeAirportNoun Adjective AgreementDays of the Week


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Good Soviet films with my subtitles (Russian, English, etc)